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        咨詢熱線: 400-050-9188


        地 址:上海市松江區漕河涇開發區2棟民益路201號
        電 話:400-050-9188
        傳 真:021-67671792
        郵 箱:r@yxtape.com

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               誼鑫膠帶(上海)有限公司,是一家高新技術企業,中國中小企業協會會員單位,中國膠粘劑和工業膠粘帶協會會員單位,中國表面工程協會熱噴涂單位,以及美國Mol |聚合物公司的工業膠帶大中華區獨家代理。公司擁有二十余項國家專利,和多所高校及科研單位建立常年密切合作,致力于特殊高溫膠帶的研發生產,多款產品填補國內空白。主營全系列耐高溫熱噴涂膠帶、等離子噴涂膠帶、聚四氟乙烯膠帶、聚酰亞胺膠帶,防靜電聚酰亞胺膠帶、高溫接駁膠帶、各種高溫雙面膠帶、耐酸城高溫膠帶等特殊工業生產的膠粘解決方案。公司產品以替代3M、Tesa、 寺崗、日東、Permace |等知名膠帶為主,為特殊工業膠帶國產化做出一定貢獻。誼鑫膠帶實行完善的現代化管理制度,擁有高素質的管理和技術隊伍,不斷引進先進的生產設備和管理理念,年產各種 膠帶2000萬平米。為了企業的長期發展,公司對產品的要求是綠色環保,質量精益求精。公司系IS09001: 2008質量管理體系認證合格單位,產品多項指標通過SGS、UL、 CTI及歐盟指令相關認證。  


               Yixin Tape (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is basically produced in Bengbu, Anhui. The main body is Anhui Yixin Tape Co., Ltd., which is a high-tech enterprise, a member unit of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, and a member unit of China Adhesive and Industrial Adhesive Tape Association. The thermal spraying unit of the China Surface Engineering Association, and the exclusive agent of the industrial tape of the American Mol | Polymer Company in Greater China. The company has more than 20 national patents, and has established close cooperation with many universities and scientific research units for many years. Main products include a full range of high temperature resistant thermal spraying tapes, plasma spraying tapes, PTFE tapes, polyimide tapes, anti-static polyimide tapes, high temperature connecting tapes, various high temperature double-sided tapes, and acid resistant high temperature tapes and other special industrial production adhesive solutions. The company's products mainly replace well-known tapes such as 3M, Tesa, Sigang, Nitto, Permace|, etc., and make certain contributions to the localization of special industrial tapes. Yixin Tape implements a complete modern management system, has a high-quality management and technical team, and continuously introduces advanced production equipment and management concepts, with an annual output of 20 million square meters of various tapes. For the long-term development of the company, the company's requirements for products are green and environmental protection, and the quality is constantly improving. The company is a qualified unit of IS09001: 2008 quality management system certification, and many indicators of its products have passed the relevant certifications of SGS, UL, CTI and EU directives.


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